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Developing world class business software is in our blood. Whether you need custom software to enhance your content management system (CMS), E-commerce platform, or other digital assets, Cynaptic’s software development services streamline your business initiatives both online and off. In essence, we develop software that makes unstructured data structured and limiting systems flexible.

Custom Software Calls for a Custom Approach

Your business requires different software than the next business, but what we’ve found is that a single approach to developing software works for companies worldwide. Whether you’re a major retailer in the U.S. or large financial firm in Europe, our 5-phase approach to developing software is guaranteed to streamline processes for you and your customers or clients.


You tell us what your goal is, then we work closely with you to develop a conceptual view of how your new software will work and streamline specific business tasks. We work creatively in finding smart solutions for our clients, working to develop a close partnership with all stakeholders.
Phase 1: Software Conceptualisation
Processes and features of the solution are outlined during this phase in which we work with the concept in mind to create a cohesive architecture. This gives stakeholders a clear view of what’s to come, without removing flexibility for change as we get along with the work. This is the phase where we determine the individual solution components.
Phase 2: Architecture
Here we put together the plans for what each Cynaptic team member is responsible for delivering, and by when. Forecasting isn’t always absolute, since new ideas will inevitably crop up during development, but it gives you a good idea of when to expect deliverables.
Phase 3: Solution Planning
What was architected now comes to life, and to be sure we’re on the right track to developing exactly what you have in mind, we work in an iterative manner that allows for rapid feedback and seamless edits. An agile, iteration based approach like this also allows for rapid incorporation of stakeholder feedback.
Phase 4: Development Iterations
After we implement your software on a live infrastructure, you can use it and make sure it matches all your criteria. A final review also allows stakeholders to determine if further development is needed.
Phase 5: Completion and Delivery


What Frameworks and Businesses We Work With


At Cynaptic, we primarily develop using the Drupal Framework, but we also work with YII and Phalcon.

The reason we like developing software on Drupal is because we see it as the most innovative and scalable framework currently on the market. However, because many frameworks have similar attributes, we can work with you to match our software development skills with your needs.


Currently, about 50% of the development work we complete is for creative and development agencies. We work with these businesses to create outstanding solutions for their clients and can even communicate one-on-one with their clients if desired. Essentially, we become part of the agency’s team.

The other half of our software development clients are composed of businesses that need software designed for their own needs – not just their clients. Whether they need a new application for their website or a special tool to streamline systems on the back end, we deliver solutions with an “in-house” feel so they don’t have to hire in-house developers.

Software Products

We have developed specific software products to make it quick, simple and cost-effective for businesses to implement a standard solution without having to go through developing custom software. This greatly reduces your cost, but still delivers above industry norms functionality. We have customisable, ready made Line-of-Business packages for the Restaurant, Real Estate, and Recruitment industries, as well as an advanced ISO9001:2008 Management Suite that helps companies to rapidly attain ISO9001:2008 readiness.

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About Cynaptic

We work on solving interesting, challenging and ground-breaking problems for our expanding global client base. We operate under a flat and meritocratic structure, where we nurture and support smart, intelligent people that want to get things done. We pride ourselves on our world-class, professional, development workflow and management environment using cutting edge technologies.


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